lunes, 22 de marzo de 2010

El Señor de los Anillos (II)

Después de repararle el brazo de la maza al Saurón, os pongo las fotos del mismo, acompañado de Isildur y su fencecido padre, Elendil. Empuña la ya quebrada espada, Narsil, momentos antes cortarle el dedo a Sauron.

Tengo otras miniaturas pintadas, pero son "tropas de línea" y pocas, cuando les pegue un repaso, ya las añado.

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  1. Hi ampostata!

    I just wanted to stop by and let you know I love your HC game based on WW2O and was curious to know whether there will be any further updates? If you have the time I think a lot of people are interested and would appreciate you stopping by the BE forums and saying hello!

    -Dave (manicmoose)

  2. I appreaciate your interest. The problem is that I didnt get enough interest in it to encourage me to finish it. In fact, you are the only person that notice it :D or at least, write me about it.

    Also, currently I am not on WW2O, although I didnt lost contact.

  3. Is there any chance that you would provide me the source code for the HC game so that I could attempt to create a tool for training map movements and such? I would give you full credit and there seems to be renewed interest in such a product. I am familiar with coding in Blitz but I do not have the time to decode wiretap data by myself into something that is manageable. I understand if you are not willing as it is a lot of work, I'm sure, but the WW2O community would be indebted to you! Thanks for the response.

  4. I was yersterday looking at the game/code, and it was very advanced :D I didnt remember it was as this stage.

    My source had first steps to PBEM... maybe I renovate interest in it.

    About wiretap, mostly I am going to remove reading datas from there, as Rats change them a lot, add new cities, and changing THCG to support this changes everytime, is not time productive.

    Add my at msn ampostataTAhotmailTAcom or sent me an email at ampostataTAampostataTAorg, so you can help me about rules changes (I have not played WWIIOL for 2 years)

  5. Added you to MSN, I will be available quite a bit in the next few months to help with this. I am conformnow at